Steel Industry

Quick Lime acts as purifier to eliminate impurities, to remove sulphur removing phosphorus – dephosphorization , it act as a flux.

Paper Industry

Paper Industry
Both Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime are important commodity for the pulp and paper industry. Lime products are used in the pulp and paper industry in the recausticizing to recycle sodium hydroxide for use in the pulp digester.Lime products can be used to scrub flue gas and to treat industrial sludge and industrial water waste .

Chemical Industry

Lime contributes to a great deal in the chemical industries. It is used in Alkalis plants to manufacture caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), making Calcium carbide and cyanimide , used in purification of citric acid and producing Calcium Hypochlorite bleaches.

Road Building

Lime is used in soils stabilization of roads building fountains and earthen dams. Lime is added to low quality soils to produce usable base and sub base. Hydrated lime has long been acknowledge to be a superior anti –stripping additive for asphalt pavements.

Leather Industry

Lime has been used for unhairing and plumping hides preparatory to leather tanning since a very long time. It act as a cleaning agent in the leather manufacturing for the removal of raw skin and thus obtain clean leather.

Flue Gas Treatment

Lime act as a key agent for the removal of pollutants from fuel-gas streams of coal-fired power plants, incinerators and industrial facilities. It is used for treatment of Sulfur dioxide,Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen fluoride, sulfur trioxide, Asenic, Selenium and Mercury.

Paints and Pigment Industry

All precipitated calcium carbonate, widely employed as a paint pigment, is derived from lime. It is also used in manufacturing of cement paints and is used as filler as well.

Glass Industry

Limestone and lime are the fluxing materials for glass. There is no substitute for liming materials in glass when color is important. It is also used in flux for modifying viscosity, increasing the final product durability and chemical wear resistance.

Water Industry

Lime is used in various municipalities to improve water quality ,especially for water softening and arsenic removal. Hydrated Lime and Quick Lime are widely used for correcting the pH balance of acidic water, for precipitating heavy metals and phosphates, and for its flocculating action.

Construction Industry

As a building material lime is one of the oldest- Lime has long been used in the construction industry to make mortar and plaster, serving as a binder in these substances. Hydraulic lime is used to make a special kind of mortar that hardens under water. Besides this, Quick Lime Powder is also used immensely for manufacturing AAC Blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete).

Sugar Industry

Hydrated Lime and Quick Lime are essential to the production of sugar from both sugar cane and sugar beets. Hydrated lime is added to the juice extracted from Sugarcane and Sugar beets to raise its pH and to react with the impurities to form insoluble calcium organic compounds that can be easily removed.

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